Concert Staging Hire

Whitstable Choral Society’s (WCS) staging is of a lightweight modular design comprising mainly of 1m x 2m units in five heights from 200mm to 1000mm.

It is highly flexible and could accommodate up to 120 seats in a variety of configurations of up to five tiers. With a wide frontage and a front row at floor level, the staging would therefore suit a choir of up to 150 strong. A number of flat stage configurations up to 28 sq m are also possible.

WCS has invested a considerable sum of money in both staging and chairs and is able to share this resource with other organisations on a cost-effective basis. The main criteria are that trained WCS personnel are available and can be supplemented by help from your organisation, and that the venue has a perfectly flat floor.


If you need staging for an event, and would like to know more, please contact the WCS Stage Manager