Concert staging for hire in Kent UK up to 120 seats

Concert stage hire

Up to 120 seats, many configurations

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Whitstable Choral Society (WCS) offer concert stage hire in Kent and South East England. We’ll even assemble and disassemble it for you.

A lightweight modular design of mainly 1m x 2m units in five heights from 200mm to 1000mm. It is highly flexible and accommodates up to 120 singers in a variety of configurations to suit different venues, providing up to five tiers of seating. Up to 125 padded seats are also available. With a wide-frontage and a front row on the floor level, the staging therefore suits a choir of up to 150 strong. A number of flat stage configurations of up to 28 sq m are also possible. The staging is carpeted and chairs upholstered, suitable for indoor use only.

WCS has invested a considerable sum of money in staging and chairs and is able to share this resource with other organisations on a cost-effective basis.


  • Assembly and
    disassembly included
  • Up to 28 sq m flat stage
  • Up to five tiers
  • Up to 150 singers
    (with front row on floor)
  • Stage carpeted,
    chairs upholstered
    – indoor use only
  • Floor must be flat


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